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When it comes to your medical care, you should be the one in charge! Unfortunately, it can sometimes feel like your options for personalized healthcare are limited, especially if you’re looking for a hospital network. Some of the most common struggles you might face are feeling like a number in a large system, overpaying for healthcare, or just overall feeling like you aren’t in control of your own medical care.

We believe that everyone deserves to be in charge of their healthcare! 

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The Independent Health Care Providers of Idaho (IHCPI) is a network of board-certified independent medical care providers across Idaho. By creating an easy-to-use directory of independent providers and offices, we hope to create a more personalized experience for patients in Idaho and give you control over your own healthcare! Your choice matters, and you should always have a say in who you see for treatment.

Since independent providers are not bound by the same limitations as large hospital systems, you’re free to look for offices nearby, shop around for reasonably priced medical care, and find a provider who cares and truly fits your needs.

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Why choose an independent provider?


Your Choice

You should have a choice in who you go to for medical care! Our directory lists primary care physicians, as well as specialty medical providers. No matter what your healthcare needs are, you can find the care you need from a doctor YOU choose.

Personalized Care and Convenience

Looking for an office closer to home and that feels like home? Want a provider who cares about you as an individual? Need a practice who takes your insurance and is mindful of cost? Shopping around for the best procedure prices? We’ll help you find a personalized, convenient provider and practice for you!

Affordable Healthcare

Being independent allows providers to set their own competitive prices. This means that medical costs are more reasonable, and so you typically pay lower out-of-pocket costs for the care that you need. Our practices and physicians are also in-network for most large insurance providers, so you can find in-network care.

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